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Inside Kendall

Meet Our Dean’s Scholarship Award Recipients

Recipients of the Dean’s Scholarships this fall have passions that range from the culinary arts and hospitality to business. The four students, who hail from as far away as India and Kazakhstan, share why they are so passionate about their future careers:

Mikayla Findley

South Whitley, Indiana, United States

Bachelor of Arts in Hospitality Management

“As I grew up, watching Disney movies taught me to believe in fairytales. I believed that someday an invitation to a grand ball would come and all my wishes would come true. As I grew, I realized that the fairytales were just stories to spark a child’s imagination, but it has encouraged me to help others have their visions come to life: I want to become the person behind the scenes organizing the smallest detail imagined by a bride for her extravagant reception; a children’s hospital for a kids’ carnival; or by the CEO for a meeting with investors. I want to be the coordinator who encourages people to continue dreaming and helps excite clients.

“While completing high school, I pushed myself to excel early on so that I could take dual-credit courses related to my field of study. I greatly enjoyed having the experience of helping to run a restaurant, from planning the menus and preparing ingredients to working the front of the house and engaging with customers.

“After graduation, I started working at Redstar Manufacturing, initially as a laborer. However, once my employer heard my intended field of study, he asked if I would like to organize the booster club’s annual golf outing fundraiser. My job duties changed from working a production machine to organizing meetings with sponsors and club members, finding door prizes for the golf contests, inviting local businesses to play a round of golf, creating food and drink menus for the outing and remaining in contact with the golf course staff. Ultimately, not only was I able to help the booster club organize the golf outing, but I was also able to contribute to young athletes’ dreams.

“I enjoy planning events and helping clients achieve their visions. I want to do this for the rest of my life. By earning a degree at Kendall, with its great reputation in this course of study as well as the real-world experience of the educators to guide me, I will be able to become a great planner.”


Azat Karimov

Astana, Kazakhstan

Bachelor of Arts in Business

“Since childhood my parents have taught me to work. I spent summers at my relatives’ villages. While at my uncle’s house, I got acquainted with business. He had a small farm with cows and horses. Milk was sold to neighboring settlements and my uncle made butter, sour cream and cheese. From this, I learned two important points: Making the product is the best option for strong business and always look for options for growth.

“I have acquired the second point over time. As time passed and competitors began to appear, my uncle’s profits began to fall, but he left everything as it was. Soon his equipment failed, and there wasn’t enough money for repairs. Thus, he has lost income.

“Since then I have begun to look for options to create my first business. I began with aerated water, which allowed me to earn enough to buy school supplies. At that time, I studied at boarding school for exceptional children where pupils are obliged to live in the hostel from Monday till Friday. We were seldom released to buy sweets. I decided to use this to earn a little. I collected orders for products, bought them at a wholesale market and sold them. I began to be fond of the business environment, but want to learn more.

“The reason I have chosen your college is very simple: It was lucky to visit Kendall and see everything with my own eyes. I like your attitude toward students and your skills of teaching.”


Dorian Mays

Matteson, Illinois, United States

Bachelor of Arts in Business

“Business is a very competitive field and it takes creativity to stand out. Some may say that as long as you know numbers and figures then you can do business, but that is not true. Business has three major keys to it: creativity, leadership and communication. These three traits can make or break an individual or company.

“Thanks to my background in the arts and my leadership role as a co-founder of a guitar club, I believe that next step for me is to lead a business. It takes action to make ideas a reality. I and two of my friends were able to create a guitar club our junior year. I taught, assisted and worked with students as they learned guitar. Teaching guitar improved my communication skills.

“I have traveled extensively with the youth choir at my church. In the past three years, we were able to travel to Paris, France and Ireland, which gave the opportunity to experience other cultures. That led to my interest in an advanced government class and my involvement in the Model UN club, which gave me more exposure to the many nations of the world through academics. With the global community that comes with business, it is very important to be able to communicate in a way that is respectful to another culture.

“I am a hardworking, dedicated student and I believe that Kendall is the perfect place to continue my studies.”


Bhakti Sharma

Bhopal, India

Associate Degree in Culinary Arts

“Change, to most people, is a sheer monstrosity with the sole purpose to put them out of their repose. Thus, when they have to go through a transition, these people are uncomfortable because they dread the hardships they will have to face. Such people remind me of muffins, a staple breakfast item.

“Muffin people are happy with their lives and see transition as unnecessary. Cupcake people see new opportunities in every change. What makes me a cupcake in this world of muffins is my desire for learning and change.

“Change has become my second nature, and adapting to new surroundings now comes easily. I have lived in three cities and changed schools five times in 12 years. Owing to the transferrable nature of my mother’s job with the Indian government, my brother and I moved with her frequently, while our father stayed in our hometown to manage his business. I have been fortunate to have attended schools in India and Russia. It exposed me to a variety of cultures and I began to take deep interest in local cuisines. Whenever we would settle in a new place, I explored the nearby places on my bike and saved my allowance to try the local food. The Russian cold soup, borscht, tantalized my taste buds to such an extent that I still crave it on hot summer days.

“Despite holding a master’s degree in economics, my idols are the pioneers of the food world. I am currently working on a cookbook that will be a convenient kitchen guide for working Indian women. However, I am no longer satisfied by reading recipe books by world class-chefs. Now, I want to cook and assimilate knowledge in the presence of great chefs. I envision a gastronomic future for myself. I hope to be a Michelin-starred chef, and in the decade that follows to open a restaurant in India.”

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