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Inside Kendall

From the Desk of the Director: Aurora Reinke



In each issue we showcase business courses and academic outcomes through student work, assessment results, assignment and classroom examples, company and instructor profiles, and more. F.O.G. Cosmetics, is a new line of color cosmetics for all skin types and colors. The owner, Tondalah Day Stroud, is a native of Chicago, a former runway and fashion model, and a licensed Aesthetician. The BUS 280, Business Case Development, class is very excited about having this firm work with our students and allow them real experience in the business world of cosmetics. As part of a class project, our students are able to work on marketing, packaging, international shipping, as well as actually making some of the cosmetic products. Mrs. Stroud has been an open book for our class and has even allowed the students access to her financial records to understand the daily cost to run a business.


We’d like to introduce you to people we appreciate or admire – students, Kendall faculty and staff, employers, alumni, and others who make a difference to us. Even though Rob Watson was featured in a past issue, we are proud that he recently won the Kendall College Faculty Award for Excellence in Teaching. Here’s what our students had to say to demonstrate how Rob captures the essence of the Kendall spirit:

• With Rob’s teaching style his lessons are directly related to real life situations. I was able to learn new material at a fast pace and without even realizing it I was applying his lessons at my job.

• He creates a healthy learning environment and every class will mentally keep you on your toes.

• He is a brilliant, creative, and entertaining professor.

• Rob is brimming with confidence, displays an almost inhuman level of patience, and possesses a heart of gold.


Whether the goal is to start a company, break into a new industry, advance in a career, or change the world, we want to help students turn passion into rewarding profession. I recently received emails asking if students are interested in social media marketing jobs. Clearly, there has been growth in activity related to social media; however, when I poll students, I find they have very little familiarity with it as a professional tool. If you have not already, you should start using LinkedIn and Twitter right away to build a professional habit and reputation.

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