Dispelling Common Myths About Returning to College as an Adult

Adult LearnerAre you plugging away in your field of choice without an undergraduate degree? You may be considering returning to college to advance your career and open new opportunities that can make your professional dreams a reality.

Earning a college degree can set you apart in your industry, but many adults returning to college have understandable concerns about working to earn their degree while juggling a job and family commitments. Luckily, many beliefs about returning to college are myths. Put your mind at ease as we dispel the most common myths about finishing your degree.

Myth: You’re an Outlier
Actually, every year a higher percentage of college students are “non-traditional,” meaning they are returning to college at some point later in life. Education is more costly than ever, and many students that graduate high school choose to enter the workforce instead of immediately going to college. You will have many peers in your quest for a college degree, and a supportive community at Kendall College.

Myth: You Have to Be on Campus Every DayInstitutions like Kendall College understand the realities of being an adult student, and offer many flexible options like taking classes online to accommodate your schedule. For example, many of the foundational classes in our School of Education are available online – in fact, Kendall College ranks among the top 25 online Early Childhood Education programs! Don’t let your job deter you – you can take classes whenever and however you need.

Myth: Returning to College Isn’t Worth It
That voice in the back of your head may be asking: why go to college at all? Pursuing a degree for a specialized career can provide the tools and education to make you an asset in the workplace. Instead of a general liberal arts degree, seek a degree for a specialized career, like a degree in Hotel Management or International Business.

Myth: You Have to Start from Scratch
When you return to college you have your previous educational experience and your professional knowledge on your side. It’s very possible to test out of certain courses based on your existing skillset and speed up the process of earning your degree. With Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) your past work experience, military service, and exam scores can earn you academic credit at certain colleges.

Myth: You Won’t Be Able to Afford It
There are many ways to make college financially feasible for your family. About two-thirds of Kendall College students receive financial aid in the form of grants, scholarships, work-study programs, and student loans. If you have any questions contact our Financial Aid office to see how we can help make your transition back to college a smooth one.

As you can see, the barriers to finishing your degree aren’t dead ends – they are merely doors you must walk through. Returning to college is fully achievable when you choose Kendall College. Don’t let your dreams slip by. Apply to Kendall College today and take your career to the next level.

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