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Inside Kendall

Future Chefs Immerse Themselves in “Farm to Plate” at Southern Illinois University

Crop and dairy production, animal husbandry, aquaculture and more were on tap for culinary-arts students who visited farms owned and operated by Southern Illinois University’s College of Agricultural Sciences in Carbondale for a week last September, and the hope is that such immersion in food harvesting and processing will become an annual offering from Kendall in collaboration with SIUC.

“They cook with this food every day, but do they know where it comes from and can they appreciate it?” said Massimo Bosco, CEC, CHE, MA, chef instructor and associate professor, to “Hopefully, they came away with a real appreciation of food from the farm to the plate.”

“It’s an opportunity I wouldn’t have anywhere else,” said a fourth-year Kendall culinary arts student to The Daily Egyptian, SIU Carbondale’s student-run newspaper. That opportunity embraced everything from a hamburger tasting comparing the eating qualities of grain-fed vs. grass-fed beef to a visit to a Missouri slaughterhouse.

The week touring southern Illinois farms and processing centers culminated in a “Farm to Table Harvest Dinner” prepared by Kendall students on September 11 at SIUC’s Agronomy Center for faculty and local media. Five courses included striped bass over cabbage slaw and SIUC Farms’ tomatillo salsa verde, grilled pork loin with roasted red, gold and purple SIUC Farms potatoes and an onion and mustard-seed marmalade, and creamed corn. SIUC-grown watermelon starred in a granita intermezzo for dessert.

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