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Top Reasons to Finish Your Degree After Serving in the Military

A college degree is the key to a more prosperous future, preparing you for the realities of a competitive job market while equipping you with tools to succeed. This is especially true for our veterans who have served in the military. After completing their military service many veterans choose to complete their college education.

The process of earning your degree is less difficult than you might imagine. Here are the top reasons why you should finish your degree after serving in the military.

Finish Degree AFter Serving in Military

  • Military Training Can Equal Credit Hours: Your military training has several practical civilian applications, and many institutions recognize that military training prepares students for the challenges they will encounter during their careers. Over 80% of institutions that provide programs for military personnel reward evaluated credit hours based on your training, according to Military Online Colleges.
  • Financial Assistance is Readily Available: There are multiple federal sources of financial assistance for veterans that have served in the military. Most prominently, the G.I. Bill awards substantial financial assistance to servicemembers through the Department of Veterans Affairs. If you are still on active duty while earning your degree you are eligible for Tuition Assistance, a program that can pay up to 100% of your tuition costs.
  • Colleges Provide Specialized Services: Some colleges establish special programs and enrollment benefits for servicemembers. Kendall College, for example, provides specific enrollment support through our Business Office for members of the military. In addition, veterans can take advantage of our Veterans’ Lounge, as well as counseling services for legal and financial advice.
  • Some Benefits Expire After Ten Years: Once you leave the military some benefits and assistance programs offered through the G.I. Bill expire after 10 or 15 years, depending on your level of service and the parameters of your program. Make the most of your military service now by enrolling in a college and taking advantage of these benefits.
  • Online Classes Make Your Education Convenient: More and more colleges are offering online classes to accommodate your lifestyle and needs. Flexible scheduling options and the ability to earn your degree online mean there are fewer roadblocks than ever if you choose to pursue a college education.
  • A Degree Provides Stability: The Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that the unemployment rate is much lower for people that have a college education. Earning your degree can be the key to a stable future and a rewarding job. You’ll also make more money over the course of your career. The Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that veterans with a college degree have a much higher earning potential after leaving the service than veterans with only a high school diploma.

What are you waiting for? Kendall College supports the U.S. military and our veterans with a variety of assistance programs and benefits. Apply today to pursue your dreams at Kendall College.

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