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Inside Kendall

From Chicago to Honolulu

From a young age, Culinary Arts student, Daniella D’Andrea, knew her passion, “I grew up in the kitchen with my mom; it was natural to me. I knew I wanted to work in a kitchen” What she didn’t know was how far it would take her.

While searching for internships, D’Andrea found the restaurandandreacapt Chef Mavro in Honolulu, Hawaii. She researched the restaurant and contacted its executive chef. “I wanted a fine dining experience in Hawaii that was not on a resort or in a hotel,” D’Andrea says. “I chose this restaurant because of its use of local ingredients and prestigious reputation.” The restaurant features a menu based on Hawaiian flavors and is known for its unique  Hawaiian cuisine with an influence from the Chef’s French origins.

D’Andrea begins her day with a bike ride to work, and then starts prep work at the Garmache station, which she runs, plating everything from Lobster Salad to Foie gras, throughout her shift, “I work independently, which has been a learning experience,” D’Andrea says. “It has made me learn how to think like a chef.” In other words, to direct her own focus instead of waiting to receive direction as a student.

Overall, her experidandrea food1ence in Hawaii was not only enjoyable but also further prepared her for her career. Going from the beach in her free time to the busy kitchen, “I’ve learned to have an open mind to be confident in your work.”

  • Khaldoun Barakat

    Very good ambition

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