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Graduation Countdown – How to Finish the Year Off Strong

Your final year before graduation seems to only go by faster and faster. Though you’re eagerly looking forward to getting your diploma and throwing your mortarboard up in the air you should follow these guidelines to be in the best possible position during your graduation countdown.

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  • Search for a professional mentor. Maybe it’s one of your Culinary Arts professors, or maybe it’s a connection you made while attending the on-campus Business Incubator program. Mentors can prove invaluable as you transition into the workplace. Don’t limit yourself to one – you’ll need at least three professional references on your résumé.
  • Take time to tidy up your social media profiles before you apply to any positions. Delete any posts a hiring manager would frown upon, or update your privacy settings so your profiles and posts other than those tailored for the professional world remain visible only to your friends.
  • Visit the Career Services office. Perfect your résumé, get connected with rewarding internships in your field, and discuss career options with our experts. Career counseling and advice is complimentary for all students – use it!
  • Continue putting in the effort in your classes, especially if you are considering applying to get a master’s degree. The temptation to shirk your class workload during your last semester can be strong – fight this urge by showing up to class and completing your assignments.
  • Have fun! This may be the last time you’re in school – go out on the town with your classmates, attend campus events, and make memories! Don’t get so caught up in your workload that you forget to relish this unforgettable time of your life.

Once you’ve walked across that stage and accepted your degree with your beaming family watching on it’s time to transition into the next phase and enter the workforce. Kendall College prepares students for the realities of highly competitive industries – read our alumni success stories to see how a Kendall College education makes the difference from your senior year and beyond.

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