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6 Habits of Successful Event Planners

Event management and event planning are professions that require a hyper-specific skill set, tons of patience, and an organized mind that can juggle many details. If you’ve considered entering into the field of event planning you may wonder – how do I become a successful event planner? These habits will set you up for success in the industry:

Habits of Successful Event Planners


  • Always be prepared for setbacks with an alternate plan of action. Great event planners are extremely thorough in confirming every detail of an event, but what if your caterer falls ill? What if the speaker system malfunctions? Learn to plan ahead and have back-up for every possible contingency.
  • Keep your composure and learn to deal with challenges and setbacks calmly. There will often be last-minute hiccups and unforeseen circumstances when event planning, and panicking won’t solve these issues. Successful event planners think on their feet and stay cool as a cucumber under pressure.
  • Start honing your listening skills. Terrific event planners aren’t ones who ignore input – they listen fervently to the wishes and goals of the client to make an event they’ll be happy they paid for. Remember who the experience you’re providing is ultimately for: your clients.
  • Pay attention to the tiniest of details. Event planners make a career out of not letting small details fall through the cracks. During the course of an event hundreds of details must coincide to deliver a great experience – neglecting one aspect, no matter how seemingly inconsequential, could prove disastrous.
  • Develop your ability to imagine the big picture of any future events you plan. Keeping track of details is crucial, but it’s also necessary for the event planner to keep the overall vision of the event in mind. Your job is to ensure the details work together to create a cohesive experience that matches what the client asked for and what you envisioned.
  • Have fun in your work! Event planning can be enormously stressful – the average person dreads planning a complicated event like a wedding or a reunion. Always check in with yourself to make sure you’re passionate about the work you’re doing so the long hours and the demanding clients reap their own reward.

Have what it takes to be a successful event planner? Enroll in the Hospitality Management program at Kendall College – our Event Management and Planning concentration will you equip you with the professional experience and knowledge you need to maintain a prolific career in the industry.

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