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Inside Kendall

Kendall College searching for top high school chefs through national recipe contest

The Kendall Cooks Challenge asks U.S. high school students to submit a recipe using three mystery ingredients revealed by Kendall College VP of Culinary Arts Chef Chris Koetke and a guest chef.

Students submit their recipes, photos of their finished dishes, and brief explanations of why they picked their dishes on Kendall’s Facebook page. The Kendall Cooks Challenge is open four times throughout the school year, each time introducing new mystery ingredients via video by Koetke and a guest chef.

Round 1: September 5 – October 31, 2012 (Guest Chef: Kendall alum Jose Garces)
Round 2: December 1, 2012 – January 21, 2013 (Guest Chef: Kendall alum Beverly Kim)
Round 3: Launches February 1, 2013 (Stay tuned for information about the guest chef and mystery ingredients)
Round 4: Launches April 1, 2013 (Stay tuned for information about the guest chef and mystery ingredients)

The winner of each round receives a professional knife kit and is eligible to win the grand prize: an all-expense paid trip to Chicago in Summer 2013 for a week long culinary camp.

Round 2 mystery ingredients were revealed by Chef Koetke and Kendall alum Beverly Kim (Bravo “Top Chef – Texas” finalist) in this video. They include: pork tenderloin, green beans and kimchee. See below for information and tips about these mystery ingredients.

• With a sharp knife, remove excess fat prior to cooking
• Tenderloin can be soaked in a marinade for up to twelve hours in a refrigerator (Source: National Pork Board).

Green Beans or Haricot Verts:
• The French bean variety, called ‘haricot vert’ is generally slimmer and longer than the ‘generic’ green bean.
• Look for beans that are bright in color. They should make a sharp snap when broken (thus the name “snap beans”). If the seeds can be seen clearly through the pod, the beans are overly mature and will be tough (Source: Real Simple).

• This Korean specialty is also spelled Kimchi
• Kimchee can be purchased ready-made at many major supermarkets as well as Asian markets
• When buying kimchee, make sure there’s plenty of liquid in the container – it is an indicator of how fresh it is (Source: Chicago Tribune).

Round 2 of the contest has been extended! Entries will now be accepted until January 21, 2013 on Kendall’s Facebook page. Email with questions.

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