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Inside Kendall

Pursuing a dream: Insights from Hospitality Student Nick Bondi

When I first started at Kendall College School of Hospitality Management, I was nervous, as it had been over five years since I was in an actual school setting.  Didn’t know what to expect from teachers or students.  I had the same feeling as when I was the new kid in high school.

Then after you are at Kendall for a little while, it starts to warm up and you feel as if you are just at home.  Now after being at Kendall for a year, I can say that it does feel like a second home to me.  The faculty, staff, teachers, and students are all very nice and welcoming to anyone and everyone.  If you are ever having a problem with a class, financial aid, schedule of courses, or just need to talk there is always someone there to help you at Kendall College.

I started to develop the passion for hospitality when I worked as a server at weddings while in high school.  The next big push that helped me decide hospitality was while I was in the Marine Corps, and I had to plan the Marine Corps Birthday Ball for the next three years, all in different countries.  After that I knew that hospitality was a good match for me.

Kendall is a vibrant community and I enjoy getting unique opportunities to learn about specific things I am interested in. I just recently had the chance to sit in on the Becoming a Beer Enthusiast” class offered by Kendall College Home Chef, a series of classes open to students and the public.  It was one the best classes I have taken.  I was able to try different varieties of beer while learning how the different ingredients and brewing processes made each beer different.  The teacher was energetic and did an excellent job of sharing his knowledge with the small class about serving and tasting beer.

This class was the beginning to my experience in the beverage world, and an insight to what I will be studying in the Beverage Management concentration.  From theses classes I hope that I can continue to learn more about tasting and hone my ability to pick up certain flavors and accents in drinks.  I’ll use that knowledge to be able to properly explain to someone else what it tastes like, and recommended the ideal beverage for a certain meal or situation.

Nick Bondi is a student ambassador and currently studying Hospitality Management at Kendall College.

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