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Inside Kendall

Incoming School of Culinary Arts Student Jose Gonzales Featured on “Undercover Boss”

Jose Gonzales can’t believe how fortunate he is. It all started while he was working at a White Castle in Chicago and was featured on the CBS show “Undercover Boss,” where he had the opportunity to work with White Castle owner Dave Rife. During that visit, Jose expressed his desire to go to culinary school and eventually open his own restaurant. Rife was so impressed with Jose’s work ethic (and his delicious homemade salsa), that at the end of the show he surprised Jose with the news that White Castle would offer him a $20,000 scholarship to attend culinary school.

Guess where Jose, the recent Chicago public high school grad, will be starting classes this fall? That’s right—Kendall! But Jose’s good fortune doesn’t stop there. In addition to the scholarship from White Castle, Jose was awarded the 2010 Frontera Scholarship to Kendall from Chef Rick Bayless.

While Jose’s official culinary education is just about to begin, he already has accomplished something many experienced chefs would only dream of. On August 17, Rife and Jose met again, this time here at Kendall, where Jose prepared his salsa once more and Rife announced that they will test market it in some of White Castle’s restaurants. Congratulations to Jose and we look forward to seeing him in Kendall’s kitchens this fall!

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