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Inside Kendall

International Student Panel Shares Life at Kendall

On Friday, November 11, a group of international students from different countries and programs at Kendall College were invited to form a panel to discuss some of the best aspects of life at the college and in Chicago in general.  The panel, representing over seven different countries, three continents, and various ages, walks of life and backgrounds, spoke to representatives from Laureate Education’s International Enrollment Teams from around the world to give a student’s perspective on life at Kendall. School of Business student Thomas Moquet was included on the panel along with School peers Eugenia Tibamanya and Lutho Magaqa. In this blog, Thomas gives a recap of the panel’s discussion.

The panel discussion included the nuts and bolts of day to day problems and issues faced by students in Chicago, such as:
•    How much does rent cost for the average student both in and out of college provided board at the Presidential Towers building?
•    Do you need to drive in Chicago? How is public transportation?
•    Is there a lot to do In Chicago, and what are your favorite things to do?

The talk inevitably focused once or twice on the undeniable truth of the harsh winters that come as part and parcel of living in the Chicago area. Not very surprisingly, the greatest looks of concern in this regard seemed to come from those enrollment teams located closest to the equator—I can’t think why! It was pointed out by me and by others that being a city of two seasons, one hot lasting from May to September and the other being cold from October to April, there is plenty of opportunity for hibernation, as well as sunbathing!

Other questions that were asked were more specific to the college itself such as:

•    How, who and what was your first point of contact within the school as an international student?
•    Did the college make you feel welcome? How was the induction and enrollment process?
•    What is it about Kendall that you value the most?

A lot of discussion in this area was led by our very influential first point of contact as international students, Director of Enrollment Tom Fitzgibbon.  It seems that all of us believed in what was said about Chicago in general, Kendall College and the validity and relevance of the courses taught there. This belief turned out to be well held for all the panelists as the discussions about Kendall focused around the high standards of teaching, experience, and knowledge of teachers, available resources, networking possibilities and job placement that all international students on the panel had experienced.

All in all this was a very worthwhile exercise for us to give an honest assessment of our experiences and interactions with Kendall College, Laureate Education, Chicago and the U.S. in general.  I personally found it beneficial because I know that the frank comments and insights delivered to those who give advice on placing new students will be listened to and acted upon. My participation and that of my peers will hopefully enrich the academic, business and personal lives of those students from foreign countries who follow in our footsteps to an education at Kendall.

Kendall College’s Latin motto on its crest reads; “EMITTE LUCEM ET VERITATEM” meaning “Send Forth Thy Light & Truth.”  Hopefully, this is exactly what we did for all the guests at the panel discussion, and they can reciprocate and reward the hard work of students, faculty and all parts of the Kendall College team by making the college successful for generations to come.

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