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Inside Kendall

Jessica Rossetti: How to Succeed as a Hospitality Student at Kendall

Jessica Rossetti, a Hospitality Management student from Plainfield, Illinois, who is specializing in Sustainable Management Practices in Hospitality and Tourism, originally came to Kendall thinking she’d enroll in its business program. Once she took a tour and started learning more about the curriculum and the potential career jessica-3opportunities, she realized hospitality was her passion.

Every course reveals new, exciting facets of hospitality, she says. “From fine dining to baking and pastry, my classes have taught me crucial parts of the industry. They also gave me a new respect for food and beverage, and the role culinary professionals play.”

And she was both pleased and surprised to find an international student body on campus. “I have made so many friendships with students from so many different countries and cultural backgrounds,” she shares. The faculty round out the experience for her. “The overall passion that the professors show for the courses they teach is amazing.”

Want to have a similarly rewarding experience as a Kendall student? Rosseti suggests these ideas:

Get involved in everything. “It will allow you to meet people than you ever imagined, quickly become best friends—and you will never be the same, in a good way!”

Network, network, network! “There are so many opportunities. The more time you spend building you connections, the easier and more comfortable you will be not just in the industry but also with yourself.”


Go to class.


Enjoy yourself! “Kendall is a very close knit community. Time goes by so fast. Keep your stress levels to a minimum and lean on classmates for help. We are all in the same boat!”

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