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Inside Kendall

John Frech Joins Faculty at Kendall’s School of Business

John Frech has joined the Kendall College School of Business as a full-time faculty member, teaching courses in accounting, finance and economics. Frech may look familiar to you. That’s because he began teaching in the business program last spring as a full-time lecturer. Since then, he has made significant contributions to his courses, and given his own time to coach students on how to have successful careers in business.

Prior to joining Kendall College, Frech had a 25-year career in the banking industry where he served as an external auditor, controller, chief financial officer, federal banking regulator, consultant and chief internal auditor. As a Federal Banking Regulator with the Office of Thrift Supervision and the Federal Reserve Board of Governors, he authored many financial reporting and auditing regulations affecting Federally-insured banking organizations. In addition, he has collaborated with industry peers, regulators and professional organization leaders to establish consistent and effective solutions to audit issues and business problems. Frech has developed and delivered training programs for banking leaders, bank examiners and third world banking supervisors.

In addition to his teaching experience at Kendall College, Frech is a Certified Public Accountant and a member of both the American Institute of CPAs and the Illinois CPA Society. He received a Bachelors of Business Administration degree from Kent State University with a concentration in Accounting. He also received a Masters of Business Administration from Loyola University of Baltimore, Maryland.

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