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Inside Kendall

Journey to Nationals

As the only returning team member on the 2015–2016 Baron H. Galand Culinary Knowledge Bowl team, Nelia Salvi was not sure what to expect. She felt unsure about the future of the team.DSC_0169

The Knowledge Bowl team participates in various competitions around the country competing against other student teams in a “Jeopardy-style” culinary, baking and pastry, and general kitchen knowledge game. Questions range from categorizing poultry, to knowledge of rare fruits, and more.

Having earned her associate degree in Culinary Arts, Salvi has continued her path to success by enrolling in the Culinary Entrepreneurship concentration within the business school at Kendall. Salvi noticed right away that the information she was learning during her studies for competition aligned with her coursework a great deal. “Being on the team has helped me gain a better understanding of the theory behind what I have been learning in class,” she notes.

The team, coached by Dean of the School of Culinary Arts, Chef Dina Altieri, began the year with a fresh start. Salvi was made the captain, creating a new challenge for her: to motivate and inspire Kendall’s team.

The group prepared through weekly practices that included quizzing, practice games and plenty of studying. Salvi began to feel more and more confident in her team’s abilities as they moved forward in their training. Before they knew it, it was time for the American Culinary Federation Regional Tournament in Hawaii.

The team continued to study even upon their arrival in Hawaii to stay focused. “The day of the competition was a blur of excitement,” Salvi says. The team competed in the first game of the day, allowing very little time for nerves. The team went on to claim their seventh consecutive regional win.

Despite the excitement of their big win, the team has already begun to buckle down to study for the National Competition. “We’ve been constantly practicing since we’ve gotten back from Hawaii,” Salvi says. She mentioned the team has been working on becoming more collaborative than ever, which should help sharpen their knowledge.

Even with more tough competition ahead at the national championship in Phoenix, Arizona, Salvi feels that the team is on the right track to success at the event. The tournament, which features a double-elimination-style bracket, happens July 17 at the American Culinary Federation Convention.

Best of luck to our Knowledge Bowl team in the competition!

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