Kendall Cares brings Students, Faculty and Staff Together

The Kendall Cares mission is to engage Kendall College students, faculty, staff and families in giving back to the local community by providing opportunities to volunteer and develop our neighborhoods.

“Starting Kendall Cares was a no-brainer for me. Not only do I enjoy giving back to the less fortunate, but so many of the Kendall family enjoy it too – they just needed a platform to get started,” shared Kendall Cares President and Founder Maggie Kollker, Marketing Specialist at Kendall. “I get a wonderful fuzzy feeling every time I see us all together – staff, faculty, alumni, students and our families – making a difference in our very own community.

Since the group was founded, projects with partners including the American Red Cross, United Way, New Life for Old Bags, Brown Elementary School, and the Carole Robertson Center for Learning have brought together dozens of community members.

Most recently, fifteen Kendall Cares members paired up with Aspire to make a difference in the lives of 10 adults with disabilities by working side by side in the kitchen with people who wanted to learn to make a healthy, easy-to-make at home meal with safety in mind.

“As an early childhood education major, I feel that it’s vital to be involved in volunteer opportunities that support our community and ultimately support our students and their families,” said student Jodi Lynn Dougherty. “I appreciate that Kendall takes great strides to be a catalyst within their community by connecting their students to various volunteer opportunities. Through Kendall Cares, I am able to take part in many volunteer opportunities that I wouldn’t be able to find on my own. These activities open my eyes to new areas of need in our community and provide a picture of what our neighbors really struggle with. Kendall Cares is a great program that encourages the growth and progression of my own interests, the school’s integration into the community and the overall well-being of the community we serve.”

For more information about Kendall Cares and to find out about upcoming volunteer opportunities on campus and beyond, please email or visit the Kendall Cares Facebook page:

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