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Inside Kendall

Kendall College Alumni Restaurant Tour

The Alumni Restaurant Tour was a day filled with delicious food, unique restaurants and generous Kendall College alumni.  We made five stops in Chicago on Tuesday, February 25th and catch up with our alumni who shared a favorite dish (or more!) with us.


Our first stop was Pleasant House Bakery at 964 W 31st St, owned by former-student Art Jackson and Chelsea Kalberloh Jackson ’07, Baking and Pastry Certificate.  The unassuming store front reveals a treasure trove of Royal Pies inside.  The Royal Pies are a piece of culinary artwork you will have trouble finding anywhere else in the city.  They resemble pot pies but surpass in flavor, ingredients and perfect flakey crusts.  Art and Chelsea were generous enough to share with us a variety and they did not disappoint.  If you are looking for something unique that will knock your socks off with delicious flavor, add Pleasant House Bakery to your Chicago bucket list.


Our second stop was La Sirena Clandestina at 954 W Fulton Market, owned by John Manion ’95 A.A.S, Culinary Arts. Before you taste the food you are enchanted by the décor in the restaurant. You might feel like you have traveled to another time and place but once you meet the friendly staff you quickly realize you’re still in Chicago. Chef Manion treated us to some outstanding empanadas that surprised us with the blue cheese filling. La Sirena Clandestina is a great place to try creative Latin American cuisine or belly up to the bar for some creative Latin American cocktails, or both!


Our third stop was Antique Taco at 1360 N Milwaukee Ave, owned by Rick Ortiz ’03, A.A.S. Culinary Arts. Our
traveling group expanded at this stop with more Kendall College staff joining us for lunch. Chef Ortiz welcomed us with a warm smile and outstanding tacos, quesadillas and guacamole. Just when we thought we couldn’t eat anymore, Chef Ortiz sent out another taco or quesadilla to try and sweetened the visit with Horchata milk shakes. Antique Taco is the perfect place to stop for a quick taco and beer that will be worth every penny.


Our fourth stop was Longman & Eagle at 2657 N Kedzie Ave, owned by Jared Wentworth (above) ’96, A.A.S Culinary Arts.  This restaurant fits in perfectly with the vibe of Logan Square but its menu and bar options are what set it apart. Chef Wentworth served us a Tete de Cochon with a sunnyside duck egg on top. This dish looked like art and would have been shame to eat if it wasn’t so delicious!


Our final stop was at Pecking Order at 4416 N Clark St, owned by Kristine Subido ’95, A.A. S. Culinary Arts. This restaurant is larger than it appears and you’ll feel like you’re right at home when you walk in. This location is perfect for family style eating and a casual date night. Chef Subido treated us to some outstanding dishes. Fried chicken, garlic fried rice, coconut adobo rice arancini, sweet plantains, spicy cabbage slaw and Mom’s pickles. Every dish is a new burst of flavor in your mouth. Menu was inspired from her Grandmother’s recipes “but with a new identity,” said Subido. You can’t go wrong at Pecking Order. It was a perfect ending to a delicious day.



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