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Inside Kendall

Kendall College students create digital magazine

Hot off the (digital) presses! Created by students in Advanced Integrative Studies (INT 310),  check out the first Kendall College student magazine: J.A.M – Jack of All Majors – Winter 2013.

Assistant Professor Phuong Thai-Garcia, Dean of General Education Ryan Bartelmay and students in INT 310 created the electronic magazine for their final project. More than 90% of students in the class graduated in December, 2012.

Deputy Editor Eugenio Plaja reveals in the pages “As is the case with every INT class project, this one was a total surprise and was initially met with resentment. [O]ver the course of time, we found ourselves…putting more effort into this magazine to make it the polished product that we are proud to put before you.”

J.A.M covers a variety of subjects important to the students from deep dish pizza to college financial aid tips. Articles offer a glimpse at Kendall College student life from a trip to Six Flags and a listing of upcoming student events to recommendations on how “to survive a family holiday.”

JAM 2012

The INT 310 course is a final general education course for students; there are two other Integrative Studies courses (INT 110 and INT 210), and each one is designed to immerse students in a problem-based learning project to help students master the college’s 5 skill competencies: Critical Reading and Thinking, Communication, Quantitative Literacy, Research and Synthesis of Information, and Technological Literacy. In INT 310, the project is to create an electronic magazine, which has multiple steps that prompt the students to apply the 5 skill competencies. Ultimately, the class attempts to help students understand real-world application of the college’s 5 core competencies.

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