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Inside Kendall

Kendall Hosts Business Leadership Workshop for Chicago Area High School Students

Kendall College, in partnership with Operation Enterprise, American Management Association’s youth leadership program, hosted more than 300 high school juniors and seniors from the Chicago Public Schools and surrounding areas on September 23 and 24. The goal was to introduce students to essential skills for future business and personal success.

The highly interactive workshops featured individual and team exercises as well as
Q & A with expert speakers on the following topics: Leading with Emotional Intelligence; Business Enhancement Skills/Improving Professional Competencies; and the Future of Business/Skills for Success.

This was the second workshop co-hosted by Kendall College and the AMA this year. The first, held at Kendall College in May, was highly praised by participating students for educating them about professionalism and leadership and how they can better prepare for a career after high school or college. Kendall looks forward to hosting more workshops with the AMA in the spring!

Click here to learn more about the American Management Association.

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