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Inside Kendall

Kendall Hosts The Essential New York Times Cookbook Launch Event with Author Amanda Hesser and ChicaGourmets

Amanda Hesser, food columnist and editor at the New York Times for more than a decade, celebrated the launch of her new book, The Essential New York Times Cookbook, at Kendall College with about 75 guests on November 9. A cookbook unlike any other, it encompasses both innovative and classic recipes, celebrating the breadth of America’s evolving relationship with food. Guests were treated to a tasting of some Chicago chefs’ favorite recipes from the book, including:

  • Chef Dirk Flanigan of The Gage and Henri – Fried Sweetbreads with Maitre D’Hotel Sauce  (page 506); Anton Mosimann’s Braised Brussels Sprouts in Cream (page 232)
  • Chef Leonard Hollander of Marion Street Cheese Market – Rabbit in Mustard Sauce (page 466); Fennel and Blood Orange Salad (pages 195-196); Confit de Canard (page 531)
  • Chef Matt Eversman of Saigon Sisters – Wok-Seared Spicy Calamari Salad (page 443)
  • Chef Thomas Meyer of Kendall College’s School of Culinary Arts – Blue Cheese Dip (page 50); Shrimp Canapes a la Suede (page 55)

See photos from the event.

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