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Inside Kendall

Kendall Shares Good Nutrition Tips with Kids from Chicago’s West Side

Baking and pastry/hospitality management student Adam Harralson talked about nutrition and the benefits of healthy eating with kids from Chicago’s West Side who are training for the upcoming Chicago Blackhawks 5K. This was in partnership with the nonprofit community organization Neighbors Development Network, which has developed a summer running program for low income neighborhood kids as part of their summer initiative against childhood obesity.

Harralson showed both parents and kids how to make healthy homemade “Energy Boost Bars” after the kids’ morning workout on August 15. The kids train twice a week in preparation for running the 5K in September, but organizers are also emphasizing healthy eating and exposing the kids and parents to healthy food options that will have a lifetime of benefits.

Kendall College is introducing a childhood nutrition concentration in the School of Education in the fall of 2010. Designed for early childhood educators, this concentration is in direct response to state and federal initiatives on childhood nutrition, healthy eating and childhood obesity. In conjunction with this, Kendall is committed to doing community outreach throughout the Chicagoland area and looks forward to working with more schools and nonprofit organizations to help educate kids, parents and teachers about childhood nutrition.

Click here to read more about the running program in the Chicago Tribune.

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