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Inside Kendall

Koetke Leads All-Star Sustainability Panel at NRA Show

Christopher Koetke, dean of the School of Culinary Arts, led an all-star educational session on sustainability at the NRA Show 2009 on May 18 in Chicago.  Headliners included Ted Turner, noted conservationist and founder of CNN, George McKerrow, co-founder of Ted’s Montana Grill, and Charlie Ayers, founding chef of Google.

Turner and McKerrow discussed their top-down initiative to create a sustainable restaurant chain, while Chef Ayers discussed his groundbreaking initiative to create sustainable “fine food for the fast generation” at both Google and his new venture, Califia Café and Market A Go Go in Palo Alto, California. Koetke represented Kendall College as the nation’s first culinary school in the nation with certified-green restaurants.

The session was part of the National Restaurant Association’s  Conserve: Solutions for Sustainability initiative designed to help the nation’s nearly one million restaurant and foodservice locations reduce their environmental impact while maintaining economic vitality. Kendall College is an official educational partner of Conserve and Dean Koetke serves on the Conserve Action Council.

Click here for more information on Kendall’s sustainability outreach program. Information about Conserve can be found at

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