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Inside Kendall

Motivated by Passion: Meet Kendall’s Newest Dean’s Scholarship Recipients

For these Dean’s Scholarships recipients, passion for education and their future professions is what motivates them as new students at Kendall. Read on to learn how their unique upbringings may influence them professionally.Jennifer Alvarez

Building Confidence in Children as an Educator
Jennifer Alvarez
B.A. Early Childhood Education

“I myself know the struggles Spanish-speaking children face when placed in an English language classroom. When I first started school there was only one Spanish-speaking teacher and the wait list for children to enter was never ending. I remember crying in the beginning because I couldn’t communicate my needs and I had no clue what was going on around me. It got to the point where they would take me for an hour every day to the Spanish classroom to calm down. The teacher would reassure a small group of us that we would be okay and that pretty soon we would learn English. I will be forever grateful to that teacher because she gave me hope at such a young age. I am proud to say that I am a bilingual individual thanks to my amazing teachers who never gave up on me. My plan is to return that hope to struggling children once I become a teacher.

“My experience has given me appreciation for those who work in education, because without them I would not be where I am now, a graduate with an associate’s degree pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Education at Kendall College. I want to show my appreciation by becoming an amazing teacher.

“I love working with children and have done so for almost eight years as an aide. I have always known I wanted to become a teacher and I realized I had to start when my student who is hard of hearing signed to me for the first time. It was such an uplifting experience for me; he had always mimicked sign language done by others but never started on his own. I had worked so hard with him to reach his potential and it was an honor to announce his accomplishment during his IEP [individualized education program]. It was an experience that I will never forget. I want to bring that all day and every day to my future students: unforgettable learning experiences.”

Jennifer BisaranApplying Her Father’s Lessons to Her Own Education
Jennifer Birsan
B.A. Hospitality Management

“It is in my blood to fully commit until a task is complete. I do not give up. I learned that from my father. In the 1980s, everything seemed to be in a downward spiral in Romania. Being the oldest son of 11 children, my father knew he had to do everything in his power to help his family. Although he prided himself on his rich Romanian heritage, he desired the American dream.

Coming to this country with no money and speaking little to no English, my dad did the impossible. He rose through the ranks from buffing floors to eventually building his own business, house, and family—truly accomplishing the American dream. My father has definitely set the bar high, but if anything, those accomplishments act as a marker that I am striving to surpass in my life. Because of him I know that anything is achievable. My family has always taught me to be tenacious and reverent, and I apply that in all my relationships, school, and work.

“This summer, I worked harder than ever to fully experience the field I am about to enter. Having an education is one aspect, but obtaining hands-on experience is another. I loved working with hundreds of people and creating events, as well as setting the atmosphere for celebration and unity. Yes, many hours went into preparation and set up, but seeing people of all ages come together and enjoy themselves makes it worth every second. When visiting Kendall College, I knew that this was the perfect place for me. I am ecstatic to see what the future unfolds and I know the only way to experience that fully is through Kendall College.”

Emily ElledgePursing a Passion for Baking
Emily Elledge
A.A.S. Baking and Pastry

“Ever since I was a little girl I have loved baking. It was always something I could do with any member of my family: my mom, my aunts, my grandparents. The joy I get from baking is only overshadowed by the joy I get from watching others enjoy what I have made.

“Baking has allowed me to make others happy and myself joyful at the same time. A few years ago, my youth group was going on a mission trip to Panama and one way we were raising money was a bake sale. I made a homemade Black Forest cake that was one of the top sellers. The money raised from that helped me go to Panama and share my joy with children all over.

“Baking is a huge part of my life. My dream is to eventually open my own bakery, but until that happens, I will always love baking for others no matter where I am.”

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