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Inside Kendall

Networking 101 for College Students

At KeStudents in Classroomndall College we prepare students to be ready for the world, and as part of that preparation we train students to begin setting goals and making moves from day one. College isn’t all about academics – as a student you can begin building your professional network before you ever apply for a job.

Need some tips? Here’s our quick guide on networking for college students. Make you job hunt that much easier by following this advice:

  • Treat your college internships like you would any other job. Even if you decide you do not want to seek employment at this company, the experience will provide valuable insight and your connections through your internship could write glowing recommendations for you in the future.
  • Attend college career fairs and networking events. Prepare a 30-second introduction that covers your interests, skills, and goals. Try to establish some rapport with participants before asking questions that are career-related. Prepare a few hard-hitting questions before the event, such as “what’s an average five-year trajectory for someone with your position?” Always follow up with the contacts you’ve made after the event.
  • Make a list of people you admire in your industry and “cold email” a few contacts at a time. Don’t be intimidated when reaching out to a stranger – just explain who you are and why you’re reaching out. Many professionals relish the opportunity to mentor college students.
  • Create an Excel spreadsheet to organize and visualize your existing network. You already have a network going for you, comprised of professors, family friends, supervisors from internships, and professionals you’ve met at career fairs. Break down contacts by category and include their contact information.
  • Schedule meetings with professors that don’t even teach your classes if you’re interested in the subject they teach. Professors are valuable sources of inspiration and information. The faculty members at Kendall College provide a global perspective and are eager to help you achieve your goals.
  • Take advantage of the Career Services Office before you graduate. This is not only a fantastic resource for finding possible employment; the Career Services Office can put you in touch with alumni that work at companies that interest you. Alumni can impart crucial knowledge like how to format your resume and the interview format at their particular organization.
  • Use LinkedIn to build an online professional network. Fill out your profile and keep it updated to attract recruiters in your industry. LinkedIn has a specific tool that connects you with employment opportunities from alumni of your school. For more information about LinkedIn read our beginner’s guide.

Kendall College works with every student to help them achieve their career goals after graduation. Our alumni success stories prove that the best place to pursue your passion is Kendall College.

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