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Inside Kendall

New Leadership on the School of Business Senior Advisory Board

A goal of the Kendall College School of Business is to generate graduates who are professionally savvy, globally driven, and services oriented. One way we can help accomplish this is by turning to business leaders to help shape our curriculum and keep current with the ever-changing business climate. In the School of Business, we have established a talented group of Senior Advisory Board (SAB) members who help us do just that. These individuals are senior executives and consultants from the Chicagoland area with successful careers in various fields including advertising, banking, foodservice management, health care, and more.

We are proud to announce that Ms. Gaye van de Hombergh will serve as Chair and Mr. Noel Hara will serve as Vice Chair of this year’s Senior Advisory Board. A previous member of the Senior Advisory Board taking on this new position, Van den Hombergh has worked for several prominent businesses, serving as president of Winning Workplaces; Midwest region president of Vistage International, the world’s leading CEO organization; president and managing director of The Johnsson Group, a financial consulting firm serving Fortune 500 clients, among other positions. Her passion is working with small- to mid-sized businesses eager to move to the next level, and her expertise lies in leadership, strategy, business-to-business marketing and strategic selling.

Serving as business development director of the new Chicago office of SALO Project, Hara draws on his experience as a consultant with a global firm and a regional sales lead in a Fortune 500 company. Recognized as an industry leader, he has been published in trade magazines and is a highly sought after public speaker and panelist for numerous industry events. Hara previously served on the School of Business Junior Advisory Board.

We are thrilled to have incredibly talented and successful business men and women as part of our Senior Advisory Board. Their contribution to the overall education of our students is immeasurable and we look forward to their ideas and insight in 2012 and beyond.

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