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Inside Kendall

Grilled Romaine with Chicken

By Joe Campagna Salads are probably one of the easiest dinners you can make and it never takes a ton of time. We’re lucky in that produce is in abundance this time of year and everything is super fresh. This salad... Read More

Transferring His Skills to Students in Mexico

In November, B.A. in Culinary Arts student Tony Rogowski visited seven Universidad del Valle de México (UVM) campuses in Mexico, which are all part of the Laureate International Universities network—neither as a student nor a competitor, but as a... Read More

Bringing Business Topics to Life

How do you help high school students master the concept of graphing? Shower them in jacandy bars, of course! That’s how one group of Kendall students in the Global Economy... Read More

William Skelnik of Hawthorn Woods Country Club: How to Excel as a General Manager

william-skelnikWilliam Skelnik has always combined passion with an eagerness to learn—two qualities that have served him well. After graduating from Kendall with an associate degree in culinary arts in... Read More

From Inspiration to Adventure: Abroad in Australia

“I chose to go into the hospitality industry at age 10 when I went on a family cruise to Mexico. This is when I learned what the hospitality and tourism industry was all about,” Hospitality Management student, Sharon Harms, said... Read More

The Heart of Our Business Incubator

By Kim Shambrook, Kendall’s Interim President When I was starting out as an entrepreneur, I took a Marsha Brady approach. In one episode of “The Brady Bunch,” she wanted to belong, so she joined every school club. As the owner of... Read More

Laura Payne of The Purple Pig: How to Excel as a General Manager

It wasn’t until Laura Payne was working one of her first jobs as a server at an Evanston café that she realized she had a passion she hadn’t yet tapped into: hospitality. “This industry allows you to take care of... Read More

The Flavor Innovator

By Kim Shambrook, Kendall’s Interim President People don’t often think about culinary innovations in beverages, but it’s a natural topic for Chef Elaine Sikorski. As the instructor of our Flavor Theory course, she’s constantly brainstorming new approaches to any and all... Read More

Meet the faculty: Chef Massimo Bosco

By: Chef Jim DeWan You’ve been eating Chef Massimo Bosco’s excellent food for quite some time now, first in the Dining Room where he was the lunch chef and now in the café, where he helms the dinner QSR kitchen.... Read More

Christopher Obrist of Filadelfia Coffee Resort in Guatemala: How to Excel as a General Manager

When Christopher Obrist went to hotels with his father as a child, “I told my father I wanted to manage a hotel one day. I wchristopher-obristas always aiming for that.” Today,... Read More
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