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Inside Kendall

Hawaiian-Style Salmon Poke

By Chef Christopher Quirk, a chef instructor in the School of Culinary Arts In Hawaii, poke (pronounced po-kay) is considered an everyman’s food. It’s something you find as a roadside staple or prepared on a beach very simply—it’s typically diced... Read More

Breaking Down Barriers in Our Classrooms

By Sapna Mangal and Deb Popely, associate professors in the School of Hospitality Management What does it mean when someone says, “We live in a global society”? We take the subject very seriously at Kendall because we have such a... Read More

Paving Her Way to a Successful Career in Hospitality

Ashley Rigsbee has been motivated to succeed professionally since she was a child watching her mother overcome major obstacles as a single mother. “She embraced her talent and emerged from an urban environment to become a successful business woman,” she... Read More

Developing Our Students to Be Ready for the World

By Ryan Bartelmay, Dean of General Education Students at Kendall College are razor focused on their professional goals. Whether they want to don a white chef coat, join the management team of a hotel, educate children, or launch their own businesses,... Read More

Cooking around the World in Our Café

By Thomas Meyer, a chef instructor in the School of Culinary ArtsKC2017Photos1COLOR-1781 When students walk in to the café for lunch, they have an opportunity to take a “trip” around the... Read More

Educating Students and Herself

Presidential Scholarship recipient Kaylee Peters, who recently began earning a B.A. in Early Childhood Education with a concentration in Special Education at Kendall, shares why continuing her education is so important to her work as an assistant director... Read More

From Chicago to Honolulu

From a young age, Culinary Arts student, Daniella D’Andrea, knew her passion, “I grew up in the kitchen with my mom; it was natural to me. I knew I wanted to work in a kitchen” What she didn’t know... Read More

A Labor of Love

By Dr. Águeda Benito, Kendall’s Provost When Deborah Johnson opened Restoring the Seed Childcare & Community Center in djohnson2014, she was filling a need for basic resources in the 10th Ward of... Read More

The Knife & Kitchen Tool Guide

Have you ever pulled a knife out of a knife block and wondered, “What is this used for? And why is it different than the 10 other knives in this block?” Or gotten a kitchen utensil set, pulled out some... Read More

Shrimp and Grilled Asparagus

By Joe Campagna This dinner option is simple, healthy and quick to prepare. You may also change the flavor profile any way you like. I make this often and enjoy how it allows me to be creative. Shrimp, like chicken, easily... Read More
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