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Inside Kendall

Meet Our Presidential Scholarship Award Recipients

Whether it’s in India or Illinois, both recipients of the Presidential Scholarships this fall have a passion for the culinary arts and hospitality, which will translate to providing stellar experiences for their customers. Read their stories: James Payne Des Plaines, Illinois Read More

Stepping Out of the Kitchen

By Kim Shambrook, Kendall’s Interim President Wherever there’s food, a culinary student has a job. Consider a few of the more traditional options: executive chef, pastry chef, private chef or caterer. But—and I want to emphasize this—there is so much more,... Read More

Wrapping Up Farmers’ Market Season the Right Way

With fall getting started, and the last few weeks of local farmers’ markets coming up, it’s time to take full advantage of what they have to offer. Knowing what to do with all of the ingredients you selected can be... Read More

Kate Martsul: How to Succeed as a Student at Kendall

martsul-kate-resizeA few years ago as a tourist in Washington, D.C., Ekaterina “Kate” Martsul, who is from Russia, met a Kendall student who raved about its programs. After researching where she... Read More

Start a Successful Year at Kendall

By Kim Shambrook, Kendall’s Interim President At the start of the new school year, it’s very important to set goals and, although this is easier said than done, find a natural flow to your week. Although it may take a bit... Read More

Constructing the Perfect Salad—Like a Chef Would

By Chef Chris Koetke, Vice President, School of Culinary Arts Those who know me well, know that I love salad. This is not a passing affection, but a Organic Vegan Quinoa Salad with hazelnuts, arugula salad... <a href=Read More

Emphasizing Luxury with Every Encounter

  Walking into Le Beau Maroc in Miami, Florida, guests are immediately transported to Morocco—the store is an immersion in fine clothing, jewelry, and rejuvenating Argan and Prickly Pear oils. The boutique is known for its caftans, which appeal to wRead More

Announcing the Summer President’s Scholarship Recipients

This year’s the summer President’s Scholarship winners are already on campus to fulfill their educational dreams. Here, they share what lead them to Kendall College.   Olivia Hilty Antich, IL B.A. Early Childhood Education “I originally came to America as an au pair for... Read More

Educating the Next Generation of Culinary Entrepreneurs

By Kim Shambrook, Kendall’s Interim President Colleges play a pivotal role in helping students create and launch businesses. That’s why I am so proud to share that Kendall now offers a Culinary Entrepreneurship concentration in our bachelor’s in business program. This... Read More

Practicing Stress Relief

By Kim Shambrook, Kendall’s Interim President It doesn’t matter if you are a restaurateur, an executive at a hotel, a student, or even one of our very own faculty members—stress is an everyday factor in our lives. While that may sound... Read More
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