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Inside Kendall

Chef Meyer’s Personal Challenge: You Won’t Believe It

By Jim DeWan, Chef Instructor in the School of Culinary Artsorchids File this under, “Who knew?” As in, who knew that Chef Thomas Meyer raises orchids? It seems perhaps an... Read More

Event Planning: Much More Than a Great Party

By Sarah Schmidt, Kendall’s Digital Marketing Coordinator Any experienced planner will be quick to tell you there is no typical day in their job—and that is what they love about it. Whether you work in a hotel or private planning firm,... Read More

Shaking Up the Industry as a Sommelier

08/11/2016 Group of friends a toast to the cheers of cognac or brandy.
In the competitive world of food and beverage, setting yourself apart in the hiring pool is vital. Why not do that by becoming the wine expert who has the confidence to take control of the beverage menu by pairing those... Read More

Celebrating Our Knowledge Bowl Team

Competing at the Baron H. Galand Culinary Knowledge Bowl is a lot like the competitions you see on televised food networks. AlthouDSC_0172gh there’s no food preparation involved (and no visible sweating!),... Read More

Advice to Resolve Your Business Challenges

Every small business owner has an array of challenges. Let’s face facts: Sometimes it’s easiest to overlook the most obvious problems by staying busy, starting the next task, or relying on your own gumption to keep going until the problem... Read More

Fostering Personal Growth for Teens in Summer Camp

There’s a reason why so many movies are about summer camp. It’s a formative experience that frequently leads to lifelong friendships. That’s why it’s so important for us to offer the Taste of Kendall Teen Camps every summer. Many... Read More

Launching a Career and Remaining a Lifelong Learner

07/17/2016 zhannapic
For many students, commencement is a final moment of reflection. It’s time to examine all that you’ve accomplished and all that lies ahead. Kendall’s zhannapicstudent commencement speaker is no exception. Originally... Read More

Journey to Nationals

As the only returning team member on the 2015–2016 Baron H. Galand Culinary Knowledge Bowl team, Nelia Salvi was not sure what to expect. She felt unsure about the future of the team.DSC_0169Read More

The Secret Sauce of Leadership

DSC_61731By definition, a chef is the CEO of the kitchen. For this reason, the School of Culinary Arts at Kendall offers both associate and bachelor’s degree programs—we aim... Read More

Trend Watch: Hotels Opening in Chicago Neighborhoods

07/08/2016 Chicago city downtown urban skyline with skyscrapers over Lake Michigan with cloudy blue sky.
By Theodore Mandigo and Imran Jivani Move out of the way, sharing economy: Hotels are rapidly opening in neighborhoods across Chicago—and many major cities in the U.S.—to offer specialized services to guests that come with the same neighborhood immersion and offer... Read More
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