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Inside Kendall

Fostering Personal Growth for Teens in Summer Camp

There’s a reason why so many movies are about summer camp. It’s a formative experience that frequently leads to lifelong friendships. That’s why it’s so important for us to offer the Taste of Kendall Teen Camps every summer. Many of our campers come year after year and tell our chefs they are here with friends from one of our previous camps and, most important, they are following their passions. Many dream to one day become professional chefs.

Our campers, who range from 13 to 19, not only receive individualized training from our chefs, where they learn everything from how to read a recipe to plan a four-course menu—they’re working as teams, building confidence, and setting goals for the end of the week. They’re also challenging themselves and bonding with each other.

There’s a great sense of camaraderie and fun in Kendall’s kitchens. We host close to 300 campers over nine weeks each summer. And at the end of each camp, our teens create a buffet that contains everything from crepes and pastries to roasted pork loin with caramelized onion sauce. It’s a feast for their families and allows them to celebrate their achievements.

At the end of each week, you can see a transformation in each child. They’ve gone from not knowing how to read a recipe to contributing to a beautiful buffet. Everyone has a role and our camps help foster natural leadership.

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