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Inside Kendall

Prepare for Gain in the New Decade© Podcast

Strategies to reinvent and re-brand yourself at any stage of your career
Presented at Kendall College by Susan Fignar, President, Pur*sueTM Inc.

Look out business world! It’s no longer about how long you’ve been on the job or whether you hold the right degree. Landing that new job, new career, next big promotion or new business is going to take looking, acting and thinking the part of a savvy professional. Discover how to reinvent and re-brand yourself to put your career in the director’s seat. The competition is fierce, and we’re ready to help you focus on your strengths and prepare you for gain in the new decade.

This introductory program is the first step for all generations and management levels that are in transition, re-entering, currently employed and/or seeking a promotion, job or career change. Susan’s skillful and entertaining style allows participants to get engaged and take the necessary steps to look, act and think the part and to move their career successfully forward. Susan highlights what it takes to be savvy, professional, create a brand that is in demand, and to possess poise and presence.
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