Advanced Level III · Sommelier


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Advanced Level III · Sommelier

Learning Outcomes
– Upon completion of the Advanced Level III – Sommelier, the student will have:

  1. Summarized the geographic, geological, and climatic attributes regarding the major Old World wine producing areas (France, Italy, German, Spain, Portugal and Austria) and their influence on corresponding grape varietals. OLD WORLD
  2. Demonstrated an advanced capacity for the sensory evaluation of wine. ADVANCED SENSORY ANALYSIS
  3. Evaluated classical wine and food combinations from different regions of the world. OLD WORLD GASTRONOMY
  4. Created a 5 course prix fixe menu with wine pairing justifications. ADVANCED FOOD PAIRING
  5. Created an appropriate beverage menu given cost constraints and demographic variables for a given concept. MENU DEVELOPMENT
  6. Demonstrated proper professional wine service through opening and decanting wine. SERVICE
  7. Showcased an understanding of non wine beverages that includes: beer, spirits, sake, cider, vermouth, tea and coffee. OTHER BEVERAGES

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