Intermediate Level II · Wine Steward


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Intermediate Level II · Wine Steward

Nine weeks of 45 total hours of hands-on instruction and assessment. Upon successful completion of the requirements in this course, the participant will be awarded the Wine Steward Certification.

Learning Outcomes –
Upon completion of the Intermediate Level II – Wine Steward, the student will have:

  1. Demonstrated a systematic technique for the sensory evaluation of wine. SENSORY ANALYSIS
  2. Explained all primary and secondary grapes personality traits associated with each New World wine region. GRAPE VARIETALS
  3. Summarized the geographic, geological, and climatic attributes regarding the major New World wine producing areas (California, Washinton, Oregon, New Zealand, Australia, Chili, Argentina, South Africa and Canada) and their influence on corresponding grape varietals. NEW WORLD
  4. Described and demonstrate advanced principles of the Analytical Wine and Food Pairing Approach. FOOD PAIRING
  5. Explained production methods and styles of sparkling wine. SPARKLING WINE
  6. Explained production methods and styles of fortified wine. FORTIFIED WINE

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