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Top Questions to Ask at a Career Fair to Land Your First Job

At Kendall College we remain career-focused in our educational endeavors. Our programs prepare students for the real world, and as soon as you graduate you will be entering a highly competitive job market full of qualified candidates.Students at Career Fair

College career fairs present great opportunities to learn about your industry and can make lasting connections with potential employers. Dressing your best and printing an impressive resume still won’t be enough. The deciding factor to a successful time at a career fair will be your conversations and interactions with potential employers.

Here are some of the best questions to ask at a career fair:

1. “What’s the average five-year trajectory for someone in this position?”

Included in our Networking for College Students blog, this question opens the door to a conversation about career tracks in the company. Ask questions that demonstrate you value your effort and time as well as theirs.

2. “What ultimately made you choose to stay with this company?” states that asking personal questions like this one is perfectly fine, especially if the employer is a fellow alumnus. See what qualities made them choose to come to this career fair and represent their company.

3. “What types of training programs does your company offer?”

Employers are always seeking candidates who are proactive in developing and honing their skill sets. Framing this question correctly will demonstrate that you want to continue growing as an employee once you land your dream first job.

4. “What are the greatest challenges you’ve experienced in your position?”

This question, courtesy of The Balance, will help you learn if your skill set is a good match for the company. For example, if intrapersonal relationships seem pivotal for success in their company and you prefer tackling projects yourself you may be better suited somewhere else.

5. “How would you imagine someone like me contributing to your company?”

Suggestion is a powerful tool. This question will force potential employers to picture you working for their company. Do your homework ahead of time and mention your relevant training and experience to the company’s open job postings before asking this question.

6. “What characteristics do your most successful employees have in common?”

This question allows you to learn more about the company while also setting you up to highlight your selling points as a candidate in response. Stick in the employer’s mind at the end of the day by demonstrating how you could be one of those successful employees.


These questions are merely a starting point. Current students should make an appointment with our Career Services office today to find out how to shine at our next career fair.

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