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Inside Kendall

Raissa Silva: How to Succeed as a Student at Kendall

raissaB.A. Business student Raissa Silva, who hails from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, came to Kendall because of its mission to cultivate students’ passions and help transform them into rewarding professions.

Once on campus, she found it was even more rewarding than she could have imagined. “Kendall has made me a better, more curious and committed learner and encouraged me to go beyond my own expectations,” she explains. “The professors helped me grow and gain confidence. At Kendall, students are the center: We are pushed to think and creatively apply concepts we learn.”

Here, Silva shares a few tips to help fellow students find similar success:

Dive into the diversity of cultures around you. “Of course you may miss food or music from home, but you have a unique opportunity to learn about food, music and entertainment from around the world. Don’t miss that! These experiences open up our minds to be better prepared to be part of a global community.”

Engage all students. “Mingle and make friends with students from other countries. It will help you create a network you will have throughout your life. They may be different in style, behavior or in the way they dress—but it is all a rich learning experience!”

Find opportunities to work on campus. “It might be scary at first, since language can be a barrier, but do not be intimidated. Everyone is there to support you, believe me!”

Study hard (and play hard)! “Plan a routine so you can make sure you do your very best academically. This way, you will have time to do what you enjoy, play a sport, visit museums, go to plays, meet with friends, and enjoy all Kendall and Chicago offers! Keeping this balance is key. Remember, this is an experience of a lifetime. We are lucky and blessed to be here! Enjoy!”

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