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Inside Kendall

Recreational Spice Up Your Life Cooking Classes through August

If you’re a food enthusiast or just into home recreational cooking, Spice Up Your Life has the course for you. Classes are offered at Kendall and taught by chef instructors with years of experience.

Learn how to cook classic Thai cuisine or bake a better brownie. Transform what you know about centerpieces into extraordinary floral designs, or invite your significant other on a spicy “Dinner Date” designed for couples seeking an evening that is unique and different. Spice Up Your Life offers skills-building classes, hands-on classes, cuisine classes, participation-demo classes and much more.

NEW! Take your cooking to the next level at Spice Up Your Life Boot Camp. During this two day class you’ll learn basic knife skills as well as basic techniques such as grilling, sautéing, poaching and more. Cost is $295 per person.

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