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Inside Kendall

Rick Bayless Lectures on Mexican Cuisine at Kendall College

Kendall College School of Culinary Arts students taking the Mexican master class over their summer break had the special opportunity to hear Chef Rick Bayless speak to them about Mexican cuisine on June 30, 2011. Chef Bayless is an award-winning chef-restaurateur, cookbook author, and television personality who has done more than any other culinary star to introduce Americans to authentic Mexican cuisine and to change the image of Mexican food in America.

Chef Bayless lectured on the foundation of basic Mexican cuisine, pre-Columbian and post-Columbian through modern cuisine, and the six major regions of Mexico and classical ingredients associated with each.

The series of master classes are designed to bring the “study abroad” experience to the doorstep of Kendall culinary arts students. The program includes an intensive, 10-day master class for students taught by chef instructors and representatives from the featured country.  The Mexican master class was taught under the direction of Chef Fernando Malpica de la Vega from Universidad del Valle de Mexico, and offered in partnership with the Mexican Consulate of Chicago and the Mexico Tourism Board.

See pictures from the event.

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