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Inside Kendall

Seeking the Golden Seal in Culinary Arts and Hospitality

A fervency to pursue a formal education—particularly at Kendall—binds these 2016 Dean’s Scholarships recipients. Read on to learn how each recipient is setting out to bring her passion to life.

BrandyFood for the Soul
Brandy Freberg
B.A. Culinary Arts

“My passion for cooking is not something that manifested overnight. It grows and develops as I do. Shortly after graduating high school, my liking for the culinary arts deepened and I set out to start gaining culinary experience. Working as a line cook moved me to realize that getting the proper education was going to be a vital factor in succeeding in the professional field. Attending culinary school teaches techniques, furthers skills, and grows culinary knowledge at a more proficient rate.

“In my efforts to find a culinary program that would best fit my needs and expectations, I searched all of the culinary programs in my surrounding areas. From viewing Kendall’s curriculum, seeing the campus, and speaking to an advisor, I knew that it was going to be the best school to prepare me for a career and would further fuel my passions for the culinary arts.

“Even now, over 10 years after my first tour of Kendall, my passion and dedication to join the culinary world has not ceased. After I married and had a child, my husband admired that my passion for cooking was something that I still yearned for. The decision was made to attend college and when asked which culinary program I was interested in, there was only one answer I could give: Kendall.

“It is my goal to study, work hard, and make proud all of the people who support me now in my journey to receive my bachelor’s degree from Kendall. With this degree, I am going to shine in the culinary field.”

JennyHoning in on the Art of Hospitality
Jennifer Kolaczkowski
B.A. Hospitality Management

“I have been interested in the event planning industry for a while now. When I was in high school, I would plan parties for my friends, during the holidays and for birthday parties. I would plan everything from the date and time to the food and drinks. I also planned entertainment, such as board games or a movie.

“I love the joy the events and parties bring people. The best part is seeing the smiles on everyone’s faces. Then you know you really have done a good job.

“I currently am finishing up a semester at College of DuPage where I was pursuing a degree in the baking and pastry arts, so I have a background in sweets, which will come in handy if something goes wrong with a delivery of a cake or sweets.

“I also worked at a bakery for a year, mainly on wedding cakes and their deliveries, but I was also able to help set up. Most of the time we were early, so we helped set up the table, put the proper tablecloth on, decided where to place the cake, cupcakes, or other pastries.

“After just a few experiences of planning parties and events and delivering cakes, I decided to pursue a career in the hospitality industry, and become a meeting and event planner. I am super excited to start my experience at Kendall College, and I look forward to meeting the students and staff.”

Learn more about Kendall’s scholarships. And, don’t forget to say hi to Jenny and Brandy by leaving a comment below!

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