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Inside Kendall

From the Kitchens at Kendall College: Spicy Breakfast Sausage Recipe

Part 4 of our series on homemade sausage! Recipe developed by Chef Christopher Koetke, CEC, CCE, HAAC, Vice President of Strategy and Industry Relations.

Spicy Breakfast Sausage Recipe

Yield: 5 lbs.
Nothing beats the heady aroma of pork sausage sizzling in a skillet—unless it’s the sausage you made, yourself. Making breakfast-sausage patties is not difficult, and the results are superlative.  This recipe also packs a punch to help jump-start your morning.

4¼ lbs.pork shoulder (the meat and the fat)
¾ lb. pork fat back*
2 T. salt
2 t. black pepper
1½ t. white pepper
2½ t. ground sage
2 t. chile flakes, ground in the spice grinder
½ t. nutmeg
1¼ t. ground thyme
½ t. ground ginger
1¼ t. ground coriander
1 T. sugar
¾ c.water cold water

1.Cut the pork and fat into a large dice. Place in freezer until they are very cold. Grind in a meat grinder (with a plate with approximately 3/16” holes) or in a food processor until coarsely chopped.
2.In a bowl, combine all remaining ingredients.
3.Pour the liquid spice mixture into the cold ground meat and fat. Mix vigorously until the meat becomes slightly elastic.
4.Form the meat into small patties about 3” in diameter.
5.To cook, sauté the patties over moderate heat until they are cooked through (165°F with an instant-read thermometer), 5 to 10 minutes.

*Pork fat back is the firm fat from the back of the hog, although the fat from the leg will also work.

Want to learn more about culinary school in Chicago? Take a tour of Kendall with Chef Koetke!

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