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Inside Kendall

Spotlight on Kendall Alumni: David Gunawan

Kendall alumni leave with the knowledge and skill set to accomplish their dreams in the culinary arts. Take a moment to catch up with one of our alumni, David Gunawan, and his career of reducing local food waste while serving truly remarkable dishes.

Illustrious Kendall alumnus David Gunawan (Culinary Arts, Class of 2005) has never slowed down in his quest to educate diners and culinary professionals on the importance of sustainability. Gunawan opened his third successful restaurant, Royal Dinette, last year in Vancouver to great acclaim.

Throughout his career, Gunawan has focused on making the most of local ingredients and delivering a genuine farm-to-table experience. Alvaro Kent, an employee at Royal Dinette, noted at the 2016 Vancouver Magazine Restaurant Awards that the food at Gunawan’s restaurant is “full-flavoured and approachable” while never compromising or wasting ingredients provided by local food producers.

At the event itself, Gunawan received one of the biggest awards of the night. The 18 judges of Vancouver Magazine named Kendall alumnus David Gunawan the Vancouver “Chef of the Year.” The title comes after Gunawan spent years pushing boundaries in the industry and dedicating himself to the rewarding path less traveled.

After developing his skills and style in esteemed restaurants in Seattle, Chicago, Belgium and Vancouver, Gunawan opened his first restaurant, Farmer’s Apprentice, in 2013. The restaurant was hailed as an immediate triumph, setting “a new standard for sustainably sourced farm-to-table cuisine” according to Eat! Vancouver. The restaurant also featured “an exclusive list of natural, organic and biodynamic wine.”

Gaining notoriety and praise for his “ever-changing menus” and unique approach to cooking, Gunawan opened his own wine bar called Grapes & Soda. Gunawan’s passion, prowess, and power to maintain sustainable dining earned him the awards “Restaurant of the Year” and “Best Casual Restaurant” at the 2014 Vancouver Magazine Restaurant Awards for his restaurant Farmer’s Apprentice.

Gunawan’s win this year for “Chef of the Year” cements his legacy as one of the most influential Vancouver chefs working today. By never sacrificing quality while creating signature dishes from food scraps and under-utilized ingredients, Gunawan has raised the bar for conscious cooking in an era where food waste is a primary concern.

We are proud of our alumnus David Gunawan, class of ‘05, and wish him all the best in his future endeavors. Find out today how you can earn an education like Gunawan’s at Kendall College.

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