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Inside Kendall

Business Student Makes a Big Difference in St. Louis and Beyond

Frank L. Banks III will start his second quarter in Kendall’s School of Business this fall. But this Hazelwood, Missouri native won’t be spending his three-week break before classes start enjoying the last few days of summer at the beach or relaxing with friends. Instead, he’ll be back in St. Louis volunteering at homeless shelters and coordinating clothing drives…and loving every minute of it! Although only 18 years old, Frank has accomplished a lot, including starting his own foundation called the Frank L. Banks Foundation.

His love for volunteering began in high school with mission trips where he spent time with abused children, senior citizens and the homeless. It was then that he realized his passion for helping the homeless and that he could really make a difference. Currently, Frank conducts monthly clothing and food drives for various homeless shelters in downtown St. Louis. In addition, he personally delivers clothing, toiletries and food to Lucas Park, a place where large numbers of homeless people can be found. His efforts have even caught the attention of St. Louis Mayor Francis G. Slay, with whom he hopes to collaborate on his St. Louis City-Wide Clothing Drive. Frank started the drive because hundreds of shelters, families and not-for-profit organizations have been drastically affected by the current economic crisis. So far, it has been very successful with many businesses and individuals wanting to donate much-needed supplies.

Frank’s efforts aren’t limited to St. Louis, though. In fact, here in Chicago he volunteers at Sarah’s Circle, among other non-profit organizations.

What does the future hold for Frank? With his real-life experience and a B.A. in Business with a Management Concentration from Kendall College, he hopes to work in non-profit management and eventually join the Peace Corps. “If you really love something, get involved and take advantage of the opportunities,” he says. Don’t let people tell you you’re too young or you can’t do it. You can.”

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