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Inside Kendall

Tailoring How We Learn

kendall-012815-4569At Kendall, we recognize that the value of our students’ education is determined by the effort they invest. We also know that it is essential to show students the opportunities available to them and to take a different approach in each program to get them there.

Our School of Culinary Arts has been a leader in providing culinary education for more than 30 years. As I walk through our classrooms, I see students in our kitchens learning by touching, feeling, tasting. When I talk with our School of Hospitality Management students, they tell me how important the ability to work in teams and network—with alumni, employers, professionals, and peers—is to their education.  That’s why we design our programs to accommodate the unique types of learners we have in each program. We tailor our curriculum to benefit our students and connect them to professionals in the industry.

One way we build a program that matches the learning style of our culinary students is by aligning our curriculum with the three restaurants we operate on campus. We know these students tend to thrive on learning through hands-on experiences, which is why it’s so important for us to connect instructors and students to these establishments. Students can jump into the fire immediately by preparing meals for anywhere from 10 to 350 individuals on campus under the mentorship of our instructors.

We have also built a curriculum that enables our culinary students to build skills that take them outside the kitchen and into leadership roles, making sure they have knowledge of business, marketing, and management. In fact, our culinary students often benefit from having access to classes in our hospitality and business programs that are not typically offered by other culinary schools.

As you can imagine, this is very different from how we tailor our curriculum to the learning style of our hospitality management students. Instead of focusing on tactical learning, our curriculum nurtures their drive to build connections and professionalism through our Capstone Senior Project course. Capstone gives Hospitality students the opportunity to work with students in our Culinary Arts and Business programs and to take on a real-world challenge, like creating a concept and business plan for a mixed-use development that includes hotels, restaurants, and retail locations. What’s more, they present their plans in a Capstone Tradeshow that is attended by faculty, students, and members of the industry.

Our responsibility at Kendall is to design and nurture a learning environment that not only meets, but exceeds the expectations of our students. What was your best learning experience? Why was it so beneficial to you? Please share your thoughts in the comments below!

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