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Inside Kendall

Thai Master Class Brings “Study Abroad” Experience to Culinary Arts Students

In a new course designed to bring the “study abroad” experience to the doorstep of Kendall students, the Kendall College School of Culinary Arts recently conducted its first master class in Thai cuisine and culture. Presented in partnership with Arun Sampanthavivat, chef/owner of Arun’s in Chicago, and the Thai Royal Consulate-General, the intensive class spanned 10 days, culminating in an authentic Thai luncheon, featuring the different regional cuisines, all prepared by the students.

Creating an experience as close as possible to what students would get if they were to travel to Thailand, cooking classes were taught by internationally traveled chef instructors from Suan Dusit University in Bangkok, Thailand. To properly understand the context of Thai cuisine, culinary coursework was augmented with instruction on history, economics, religion, geography and traditions that are integral to the development of Thai cuisine.

The next master class will be held between the spring and summer quarter and will focus on the cuisine and culture of Mexico. Kendall will partner with the government of Mexico in bringing a gifted chef instructor from the culinary program at Universidad del Valle de Mexico to the Kendall campus where he can share their rich cuisine and heritage with Kendall students.

See pictures from the Thai master class.

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