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Thanksgiving Activities to Entertain Your Preschoolers

While Halloween and Christmas come with prepackaged activities and themed games to make fun classroom memories, holidays like Thanksgiving can be trickier. After your students learn the basic history of the holiday, how can you keep them engaged in the spirit of Thanksgiving?

The Kendall College School of Education shares your passion for enriching the lives of young students all year long. We’ve collected some of the most popular Thanksgiving activities for preschoolers so you can start planning your DIY Thanksgiving classroom adventure.

Thanksgiving Preschool ActivityCreate Thanksgiving Wreaths

Create an arts-and-crafts Thanksgiving wreath with sections shaped like hands. suggests writing a month on each section, and having the students write one thing they are grateful for that is associated with each month below. It could be a family member’s birthday or an event they love attending. View the full instructions for this activity at

Play Interactive Online Thanksgiving Games

Take your kids on an online adventure! If you have the technical capabilities in your classroom consider downloading and playing the interactive Thanksgiving activity hosted on Plimoth Plantation’s website, entitled “You Are the Historian.” Students can learn about the historic 1621 Thanksgiving celebration! The Association of American Educators endorses this online activity.

Go on a Virtual Tour of the Mayflower

Have your students take a virtual tour of the Mayflower. Scholastic has many common core-aligned lesson plans related to Thanksgiving, among them this riveting activity that chronicles the 1620 voyage of the Mayflower across the Atlantic Ocean to America. This activity can be combined with history lessons or scientific explorations of tools and vessels.

Making Corn Kernel Necklaces

Develop your students’ hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills by crafting corn kernel necklaces! Brightly colored fall corn is inexpensive and the craft is easy to make for students of all ages. As this activity utilizes sewing needles, demonstrate proper safety techniques for your students and supervise their progress. View the instructions at

Drawing Favorite Thanksgiving Meals

Another fun activity for young students is to create their ideal Thanksgiving dinner! Give each student a disposable paper plate, safety scissors, and a few grocery store sales papers to look through. Students cut out their favorite foods and glue them to the plate to make their favorite meal. For an added challenge, teach the students above the food pyramid and challenge them to choose a balanced meal.

Chances are that you love teaching children and you don’t want to settle for a second-rate Thanksgiving activity when you can do something that’s educational and fun. So why settle for a second-rate education? At Kendall College our flexible online class format makes the process of getting a degree convenient and intuitive. Find out how a bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education can shape your future.

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