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Inside Kendall

The Kendall College Alumni Association Announces the New Board

The Office of Alumni Relations is pleased to announce the brand-new Kendall College Alumni Association (KCAA) Board. The board is responsible for representing their fellow alumni and creating a strong foundation to carry the Board into the future. The KCAA board is eager to connect alumni with each other and the school. They have tasked themselves with welcoming alumni to Kendall through outreach, events, and volunteer opportunities.

Since their first meeting in January, the board has created goals and elected officers. The executive board members include President Jeff Vicik ’11, Hospitality Management, Vice-President Chris Balza ’12, Business and Secretary Dana Freiberg ’09, Culinary Arts.

Additional board members include Cody New ’06, Early Childhood Education, Heide Hirschtick ’06, Professional Cookery Certificate, Jaime Mestan ’07 Culinary Arts, Kathy Vevoda ’12, Hospitality Management and Kimberly Gibson ’12, Early Childhood Education.

“Kendall has a rich history that includes a variety of alumni from different majors, campuses and decades. It’s important to the board that we celebrate our roots and keep alumni connected to their alma mater,” says Jeff Vicik, Board President.

After the Alumni Reception on May 20th, the board is looking forward to hosting more events this year. Fellow alumni are encouraged to visit the Alumni Portal at to update their contact information in order to receive invitations to these events as well as access the alumni event calendar.

“The Alumni Portal is a great resource for our alumni to read the latest news about the Alumni Association. The board will also be using the Alumni Newsletter and the monthly email update to keep the association members informed,” says Vicik.

The KCAA board looks forward to furthering the well-being of Kendall College and its alumni by increasing the interests of its members in the College and in each other.

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