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Tips for the Undecided Student: 7 Degree Finder Approaches

Some students apply to college and enter their higher education knowing exactly what degree they want to pursue and what job they hope to land upon graduation. But that’s not always the case! If you’re undecided you’re not alone – many students into their sophomore year have yet to decide a major. If you’re considering multiple options here are some proven degree finder strategies:

Kendall Students

  • Explore your main interests through your general education requirements and your elective credits. Choose GE courses that fall within an area you’re considering for a major. For electives, get outside your comfort zone and choose topics that deeply interest you, even if you have no experience. By front loading your GE and elective courses your first two years you’ll have many opportunities to explore.
  • Research the major requirements. Once you have two or three options for majors selected meet with an academic advisor to determine which one is the most manageable major, and which one will maximize your career possibilities. Some majors can be completed more quickly than others, and some majors provide an edge if you’ll be seeking a graduate degree.
  • Have no idea what kind of job you’d like in the future? Attend a career fair whenever possible and ask representatives from various companies about their daily work and about their job satisfaction. Treat it like a professional interview where you’re the hiring manager – what can their career path offer you? As a high school student you can meet with family friends and local business owners to also start asking these important questions.
  • Apply for an internship in a field that interests you. It’s difficult to choose a major when you may not have had a full-time job before. If you’re considering being an actuary, try to find an internship in actuarial science and see how you like the workplace. It’s better to take a internship and learn you’re better suited for a different field than to find that out once you’ve earned your degree.
  • Do what you love! You’ll naturally have your own interests, passions, and areas of expertise. Consider what’s most important to you, and what you most enjoy spending your time doing. How can you make that passion your career? If you’re a complete foodie, why not pursue a degree in the Culinary Arts? Being honest about where your interests lie will help illuminate the right major.
  • Take advantage of the Career Services office. By taking professional aptitude tests and discussing options with our experts you can get a sense of the type of work that both interests you and fits your personality so you can select a major and a career path with confidence.

If you’re still finding yourself undecided, use these various approaches as a guide and check out all the different programs offered at Kendall College.

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