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Our Top 5 Food Trends of 2017

Top 5 Food TrendsThe one constant in the food and restaurant business is change. While staples like pizza and burgers are always in ample supply many food trends of 2017 started out in a few locations before making waves throughout the industry. Other trends are indicators of larger shifts in the industry like the embrace of plants and natural options in the kitchen.

Here are some of the top food trends from 2017:

  • Cooking that aims to be zero-waste. Food waste in America has always been a problem: up to 40% of food is wasted somewhere in the food supply chain, according to the United States Department of Agriculture. Zero-waste cooking and upcycling allow restaurants to combat the environmental ramifications of food waste and convince customers to eat out with a clean conscience. This trend allows for creative and original recipes out of necessity, and cuts food costs!
  • Vegan and meat-free “meat” is a trend that will only continue to grow as diners embrace the health benefits of a plant-based diet and reduce their meat intake. Meat-based diets aren’t sustainable for our planet, and lots of restaurants have transformed their burgers and other meat staples by combining ingredients like cauliflower, lentils, beets, black beans, and tahini into their patties.
  • Meal delivery and pre-packaged cooking kits from companies like Blue Apron and HelloFresh gained even more popularity. Some in the industry have recognized that young professionals want to make meals at home but lack the time and know-how to do so. Pre-prepared meals allow companies to provide this experience while selling their signature dishes to eager customers.
  • Caribbean and Jamaican food saw a massive boost in popularity during 2017. If you’re looking to open your own restaurant Caribbean food is a wise choice. You can broaden the appeal by mixing elements of Latin dishes, Nigerian foods, and other island recipes to reach a wide demographic.
  • Many different grains became staple ingredients in the trendiest eateries. The quest for gluten-free grains and variations on traditional recipes brought options like sorghum, chia, kamut, and chickpea flour to the forefront this year.

Do you love trying new recipes? Confident that you could create the next successful food trend? Pursue a Culinary Arts education at Kendall College to make your food industry dreams a reality. We equip students with business acumen and kitchen know-how to give you the tools to open your own restaurant, bar, or bakery.

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