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Inside Kendall

New Web Site Highlights The Culinary Curiosity Exhibition at Kendall College

The Kendall College Charitable Trust announces a new, interactive Web site to highlight The Culinary Curiosity Exhibition: The Mel and Janet Mickevic Collection—an exhibition of nearly 250 culinary, bakery and confectionery artifacts displayed throughout Kendall College. This unique “virtual museum exhibit” can be found at

The collection was donated by Chicago residents Melvin and Janet Mickevic to the Kendall College Charitable Trust. The late Melvin Mickevic, an MIT-educated food scientist and entrepreneur, engineered innovations in food-processing technologies and production methods. His curiosity drew him to collect manually operated devices that represent technical ingenuity.

The exhibition includes 12 themed displays throughout the college. The tools in the collection, ranging from agricultural implements and commercial equipment to items used by home cooks over many generations, demonstrate timeless food-preparation tasks that are executed today with modern, yet often strikingly similar, equipment. Displayed in themed sections—such as “Fire and Heat,” “Liquid Refreshments,” “Bakers’ Secrets” and “Farm to Fork”—near classroom areas and kitchen work spaces, the exhibition contributes to the learning that occurs wherever students and faculty gather, thereby enhancing Kendall’s unique educational environment.

More than 130 items from the exhibition are featured on the Web site along with descriptions and explanations of their manufacture, origin and use, as well as the solutions they provided in the era during which they were employed. Approximately 75 of the objects appear in videos demonstrating their operation.

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