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Inside Kendall

Where are they now? Catching Up with School of Education Alum Cody New

The Kendall College Alumni Relations Office recently caught up with School of Education alum Cody New (Early Childhood Education ’06). Since graduating from Kendall, Cody has been teaching kindergarten at a Title 1 school in Evanston/Skokie School District 65.

When asked about his favorite part of working as an early childhood educator, Cody said “As a kindergarten teacher, I have the privilege of working with young children who are excited about school and eager to learn.  My students enter kindergarten at all levels of abilities, depending on their background knowledge and prior educational experience.  Yet, without fail, each and every one of them shows significant individual growth by the end of the school year.  It is very satisfying and rewarding to help them build a solid educational foundation that, I hope, translates into a lifelong love of learning.”

In addition, for the past two years, Cody has taught technology classes, among others, at Kendall as an Adjunct Professor as well as served on the Early Childhood Education Board.

“After I received my Master’s Degree, I was asked to come back to Kendall as an adjunct professor,” says New. “I am very proud of where I attended college and was honored to come back and share my experiences at Kendall. I often tell my Kendall students that I once sat in the same chairs in which they now sit.”

“We are lucky to have Cody involved with the Alumni Association,” says Alumni Relations Specialist Marguerite Allegretti. “His passion for teaching and his passion for Kendall College are inspiring.”

“My advice to any incoming education students would be to recognize that your biggest asset at Kendall will be the relationships you make with your professors. Kendall’s top-notch faculty has the knowledge, experience, and willingness to help guide you through the program,” says New. “Don’t be afraid to ask questions.  Get involved. Also, learning does not stop at graduation.  Every professional experience that you encounter once you leave Kendall, whether positive or negative, offers an opportunity to learn from it.  Seize those opportunities.”

What made Cody choose to attend Kendall College to pursue his degree in Education?

“I was impressed with Kendall’s commitment to individualized student learning,” says New. “Because Kendall offered more than a ‘one size fits all’ curriculum, I was able to tailor a program of study to meet my academic needs and future professional goals.  With the help of dedicated faculty and the advantages of small class sizes, I received an excellent education that has continued to serve me well to this day. Kendall College helped me gain the foundation I needed to become an early childhood educator. 

In 2011, Cody received a Master’s degree in Educational Technology from Concordia University in order to expand his knowledge in this area and better advocate for increased use of technological resources in the classroom as a way to help narrow the achievement gap for disadvantaged students. When not teaching, Cody enjoys playing and coaching basketball. He has served as the JV coach at Francis Parker School in Lincoln Park for the past five years.


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