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Current Students

John A. Miller Academic Success Center

Through the John A. Miller Academic Success Center, you can receive free tutoring on a variety of subjects including composition, math, Spanish and other general-education subjects. Our advisors will help you acquire more effective study skills, time-management strategies and test-taking habits.

Study Skills Seminars – These hour-long workshops offer groups of students strategies for improving their skills in various areas: taking tests, writing research papers, and managing time and memorizing material.

Culinary Arts Practical Tutoring – Students in culinary and baking and pastry classes may attend scheduled tutoring sessions.

Academic Tutoring – Students work individually with a trained tutor. The sessions are organized around specific assignments students are working on or upon improving study skills.

Peer Tutoring – Students who have successfully completed higher-level courses guide individuals and study groups in understanding content for a specific course. Peer tutors are available to assist with preparing for tests or completing assignments.

Facilitated Group Study – Research supports the value of studying with others. The John A. Miller Academic Success Center offers a quiet, set-apart space for study groups to prepare for a test or to complete an assignment.

Services for International Students – Staff in the John A. Miller Academic Success Center help with EFL support and English tutoring. In addition, they are experienced helping international students with the often bewildering experience of studying in America.


Monday – Thursday
8 AM – 7 PM
8 AM – 5 PM
8 AM – 4 PM

Additional hours are available by appointment.


Kendall College follows the guidelines of the American Disabilities Act (ADA) and provides reasonable accommodations to individuals who provide appropriate documentation of disabilities. The ASC facilitates granting special accommodations for students with physical, mental, and learning disabilities, and is the students’ advocate for acquiring special need accommodations.

General Questions

Call 312.752.2376 or email

The John A. Miller Academic Success Center is located on the sixth floor in the Library.


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