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Office of the Registrar

Admission to the College

Upon completion of the admission process, students will be admitted, admitted under specified conditions, or denied admission to the College. Admissions standards and required documentation are covered in the Admissions section.

Readmission to the College

Students who have not registered for classes for eight or more consecutive quarters and are seeking readmission must meet the academic requirements in place at the time of readmission. They must follow the admissions process for new students and are subject to the requirements of the most recent catalog in use upon their return. Students interested in readmission to Kendall should speak with the Enrollment Department. If students are applying for readmission and are not in good academic standing, they are required to submit a statement that explains the reasons for their dismissal and how they will avoid the same circumstances if readmitted. Students applying for readmission who were previously expelled for disciplinary reasons may not be eligible for readmission and should contact the Director of Campus Safety, Student Conduct & Advocacy for more information.

Associate Degree Graduates Continuing to Baccalaureate Degree

Students who are admitted to, and successfully complete, an associate degree program may continue and earn a baccalaureate degree in the same field if such a baccalaureate program is being offered or if a crossover program exists.

This continuation, however, should begin with the academic term following the term in which the associate degree is completed. Students who complete their degrees and do not return in the next academic term must follow the requirements in place at the time of their return. Students wishing to complete a baccalaureate degree in a field other than that of their associate degree program must meet the requirements from the catalog in use at the time of their entry into baccalaureate study.

Students should see their Academic Advisors to discuss continuing their studies.

Transfers within the College

Students who are interested in transferring between programs at the College should consult with their Academic Advisors to determine eligibility and to plan their courses through the new program and develop new plans for graduation.

Student Status

Student classifications for degree students are defined as follows:

  • Freshman Standing 0-44.9 Quarter Hours
  • Sophomore Standing 45-89.9 Quarter Hours
  • Junior Standing 90-134.9 Quarter Hours
  • Senior Standing 135 or more Quarter Hours
  • Part‐time Status. Part‐time students are enrolled for less than 12 quarter hours for the term. Part‐time students who wish to obtain most financial aid or maintain in‐school status for their student loans must enroll for at least 6 quarter hours.
  • Full‐time Status. Full‐time students are enrolled for 12 or more quarter hours for the term. For academic purposes, students participating in approved internships are also considered to be full‐time students. Please note that this definition of full‐time study for internship periods is for academic purposes only. Full‐time enrollment status is always defined as 12 or more credits for financial aid purposes.
  • Overload Status. Students are in overload status if they take more than 19 quarter hours in a given quarter. Students who wish to take additional credits constituting an overload status must have the approval of their Academic Advisor. To enroll in more than 24 quarter hours, students must have the approval of the appropriate Dean or Program Chair. Students in overload status will also be assessed tuition charges beyond the full‐time tuition rate.
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